Artist Statement

Shay Woodhouse

Through my studio practice, I process my relationship to home and nostalgia. My work is figurative or of the domestic space. Ceramic forms softly carry narrative and relate to the body, whereas paintings give immediate access to the weight and mania of this human experience. I host a Figure Drawing Club once a week in my studio which allows me to paint from life. Working from the model allows a gestural and authentic way to capture how a human holds emotion in their body. This practice informs both my 2D and 3D work.

I am fulfilled whenever I am working in my studio. The daily practice of being creative, whatever form it takes, is what matters most, it is the sustenance that makes life what it is. Beyond being devoted to the process, if what I produce affects another, stops them, helps them to be vulnerable or feel something real, that is the ultimate success for me as an artist.


Current Resident Artist with The Alexa Rose Foundation at The Common Well, in Boise, Idaho.

Upcoming Show: September 14th at The Common Well

Recent Works

Opal | Oil on panel | 24x24 in.

Long Distance Call | Oil on canvas | 12x12 in.

Happiness in Bliss | Oil on canvas | 12x12 in.

Martina | Watercolor | 12x12 in.

Waiting | Watercolor | 12x12 in.

Mariah Platter | Earthenware & Majoilica | 16x16x3 in

Mended | Stoneware, Glaze & Gold Leaf | 29x26x9 in

Autonomy | Earthenware & Majolica | 20x10 in