Our Process

Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit.

Wear clay. Embody all of the elements.

Clay Prep

With 15 years of clay experience in our studio, we mix all of our clay from scratch. For our bright colors, we use a porcelain clay body that we developed to be durable and lightweight. Each batch of clay has its own recipe to achieve a desired colored pallet. Color possibilities are infinite. Currently we use over 40+ colored clays. We also use the classics: terra cotta, speckled stoneware and black stoneware.


Most of our charms are made from colored clay. On occasion we will add a pop of gloss or luster or add a mag carb crawl to our designs. Charms that are glazed go through the firing process 1-3 times for the desired effect.


To be energy efficient, we fire  our clay in small electric kilns. The firing process goes to 2200F/1200C and typically takes a full day to fire and cool.

Precious Metals

We use 14k gold and sterling silver. Each metal finding is hand formed, cut, hammered and sanded smooth in studio.

Everything by Hand

Each piece is made by hand. We use thin slabs of clay to make lightweight charms. Each piece is a little different. We stamp, draw and cut, and free form the clay.


We use the tiniest jump-rings to ensure a lightweight and uniform design. Hand assembling with bent nosed pliers. Each design is weighted and guaranteed to be under 3.5 grams. We love to make bold earrings that are so light that you don't even notice them.

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