Pray for Waves

Collection: Low Tide Rosary

Pray for Waves. These necklaces were designed with the ocean in mind. Waterproof and surf ready. The first prototype spent 6 months surfing daily in Mexico, Guatemala, and on the river wave in Boise, Idaho. Surfer Grey Midnight tested and approved this design, claiming he never took it off once. Perfectly intact and ocean fresh, this necklace is adventure-proof even for the most serious surfers. Whether you're in the ocean, a high alpine lake, or in an eddie on a river, this necklace will accompany you with grace.

Adjustable Design

The Low Tide Rosary has 3 adjustments: 14, 16, or 20 in. This adjustable design features a back adornment. The shorter you wear it in the front the longer it is in the back. The back adornment acts as a counter weight and looks beautiful with a backless top or bikini. Form + Function.